The Halfknechts are now live!

This little project is now live. Time to bolster the ranks of your Landsnecht army with some real (half) men.

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Happy Holidays!

We have made a little game for the many little goblins in our family. It's actually 2 games, and stuff to colorize. And it's high-res and can be printed too.

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Our "The Second Breakfast" Kickstarter has been fulfilled, all parcels have been sent and the backers are happy. Special thanks to Matt S. for casting and posting like a drunk devil!.

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Bards And Beasts will now become a reality. Thanks to everybody for their support, ideas and pledges!

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Website update

The website will see some serious updates, and orders placed online now will take up to 12 weeks to process. Please contact us at if you have any questions.


+STRONGSWORD+ will now become a reality thanks to the awesome backers at Kickstarter. Thanks to everybody for their support, ideas and pledges. We're already working on more army lists and scenarios, and we will start a dedicated +STRONGSWORD+ section here on the website.

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Our latest project, a skirmish game with a strong fantasy flavour written by Dan Mersey is now live on Kickstarter. The rules are supported by our new releases including the Kobolds and proper Men-at-arms to use as watchmen or mercenaries.

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Introducing Model Earth

Two of our backers happened to be the very talented gents from Model Earth (well known for their work for Forge World, Wargods and Hasslefree). When I announced the second Halfmen campaign, they mentioned that they were planning some Hobbit terrain, and asked if I wanted to do some villagers to go along with it. The Model Earth buildings are very smart with crisp lines and lovely details. We’re thrilled to include Model Earth's stuff in the next KS.

The Second Breakfast

One of the reasons we do Kickstarters is to see how much interest there really is in a range. The recent Halfmen Army Kickstarter did really well and we have had many requests from backers that would like to expand their forces with more specialized units. We're planning to kick off the Second Breakfast Kickstarter Campaign on the 25th of November. Good times!

Finally an update . . .

So much has happened since the last update. We wrapped up the Halfmen KS, and are in the middle of the fulfillment of the

Northern Mercs KS. The minis have made it into the online shop and we're about to launch the next campaign. Please make sure to check out the shop!

The new Kickstarter is live.

We were working incredibly hard to get all the miniatures that we wanted to see in the first wave ready. It's a total of 3 sets each with 4 different and really unique minis, and I am proud to add these to the Westfalia range.

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The new project is coming along nicely.

We're playing Frostgrave like mad and have decided to get an all female team of adventurers on the streets of Felstadt. The first couple of sculpts in cold weather garb are ready. We plan to have a total of about 20 done by the end of March.

The Halfmen Kickstarter is funded!

The Halfmen Kickstarter was a success and we're now busy sorting orders and casting and will get the miniatures to the backers in due course. Check it out

The Halfmen Kickstarter is live!

The Halfmen Kickstarter is now live. It has already been funded and a fair few stretch goals have been unlocked. Please visit us at Kickstarter. Check it out

3 days until the Halfmen Kickstarter

We've been working hard on putting together the next Kickstarter, a Halfmen army with countless different troop-types and a lot of character.
It'll go live on Monday, December 14th.