03/01/2015 - Persian Kickstarter

Persian Kickstarter All line formations and the Militia have been sculpted. The Afghans and Wahhabis are on Alan's desk right now and progress is made quickly. I am pretty sure that the actual work will be done within 10 days then the masters get send to Germany to get molded and casted and then Fulfillment starts. Huzzah!

02/15/2015 - Steampunk Menagerie Kickstarter

Steampunk Menagerie Kickstarter All the masters minus the 2 Thornhill figs (which are still in transit) are with the Schillings now to get casted and molded. I suppose fulfillment will start in 3-4 weeks from here.

02/01/2015 - New Website!

New Website I have felt for a while that the old site as it was didn't cut it anymore. So I spent time and some money and was hassling some friends and here we are. We now have a proper shop with basket, search functions and all the neat stuff a proper web-site really needs!

I hope you enjoy it just as much as me. :--)