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Westfalia is a hobby-joint that combines the talents of Niels Rullkoetter, Paul Hicks, Ebob, Frank Germershaus and Bill Thornhill to build 28mm miniatures and 1/56 equipment that we really always wanted for our own collections. Our reseach comes as always from Michael Bartling and many others. We hope you enjoy your stay!

19/12/2014 Weststarter

We hosted a Kickstarter. Mashallah is all I can say.

05/10/2014 New sets.

We updated the plates and were adding the ever so revolting Kielmannseggers and the Prussian Medical services. There's also an extensive list with explanations.

28/09/2014 New sets.

We're going to receive some serious new bits. Amongst them an artillery-set with bits and bops, a sled-driver with suitable horses, Saxon Train-horses, Saxon ligh infantry and Karvey Heitel from the movie the 'Luedists' in Retreat gear.And there's a neat pair of die too.

22/05/2014 Together we're strong.

I bet that's gonna be nice. :--)

15/05/2014 Saxon artillery!

We now have the 4Pdr and 12 Pder and pretty much all the foot-artillery soldiers we were aiming for while the 6Pdr and 8Pdr Haubitze are already on Niels Workbench. Needless to say that we too have a Saxon field-forge.

15/05/2014 Back to the Fatherland

I am in Germany for a couple of months and will spend some serious time roasting sausages and drinking beer with NIels. There's also a few new codes coming soon. Amongst them the full Saxon Artillery, British assets such as the 6Pdr and Ammo-cart. French Train-horses and Tzar Alexander himself.

01/04/2014 Westfalia goes Bonkers

It was obviously ad April Fools Joke.

14/03/2014 Saxon Foot Artillery - First Crew available.

Each crew has some distinctive way of wearing their uniform. historically they can and should be mixed. We strongly suggest to wait until after april. Then the other 3 crews and officers should provide enough variety tto man your batteries.

07/03/2014 Saxon Horse Artillery Card

Next up is light infantry!

01/03/2014 So it'strue... There's gonna be a 1:72 range!

Might be of interest to the AB crowd too!

27/02/2014 Painting card for the Saxon Train

We're planning out the full range of train at the momen, and we already finished this new plate.

23/02/2014 Painting card for the Saxon Foot artillery

The first set of Gunners will hit the moulds soon so we thought that this is a good time to release the first painting-card for the Artillery. This time it's the humble foot artillery and we already have the guns. limbers and horse-artillery on the radar.

23/02/2014 Painting card for the Foot artillery

Westfalia re-opens on the 1st of march. BUT! our products will be available at the Hamburg Tactica! Our friends and much respected casting-pros over at Schilling miniatures will have our entire range on offer. Please see them at their booth and check out their own fantastic ranges.

02/02/2014 Not quite back yet!

We're still working through the improvements but we felt we should make a couple of important announcements.

Tactica Hamburg - Our miniatures will be available through our friends and casting-partners from Schilling miniatures.

Business Break - We really only reopen in the end of february to make sure our new delivery system will work flawless.

Shipping - This has been a major headache to me since I feel that 30 plus for certain parcels is just too much money. That's why I transfer the packing and sending of parcels to the factory where they are made. Ulrike is possibly the most serious QA person in the world and I am sure the business won't be affected.

23/01/2014 New addition to the painting-cards

I got around to finish the Saxons Grenadiers which are thanks god really close to their musketeer brethern!
I hope you enjoy painting yours!

17/01/2014 Break-extension and a massive new wave of products

Westfalia really grew quick and I am really not having the time to handle things as they should be handled. That's why our holiday break willlast until end of february. But we really get a lot of things sorted such as:

- Improved order-business. We now have an orderly and reliable system in place that should sort that issue.
- Massive new Wave of Products such as Saxon Carts and a 4 Pdr, a Gribeauval 8Pdr, a british 9Pdr ,new Siege-equipment, a large pontoon, winter-tires for our French cart, the rude rankers and a British ambulance. Feel free to check them out in our products section.

Please be patient until then. We promise to come back in full force.

24/12/2013 This time it's love

19/12/2013 Holiday break

Our holiday break starts today and will last until the end of january. Our aim is to finish a lot of sets during that time! With this in mind Happy Christmas and seasonal holidays to everybody out there!

I was also adding a construction manual for the post chaise to the manual section.

01/11/2013 Painting Cards for the Saxon Musketeers

I finally got around to finish the plates for our Musketeers. They're to be found in a new linked section that I called plates. I hope they're useful for some of you.

27/10/2013 Outstanding orders

The Casting of the coach was requiring massive changes so it got sent forth and back between NIels and the Casting people. But now it's ready. Parcels that include this code will be send in the beginning of next week. Again sorry for the delay, but unexpected things can and really do happen.

01/10/2013 Print me good

What has 10 pages, lots of fancy pictures and some fingerptints from sausage-fat all over? Westfalias first booklet! Following earlier efforts we decided to publish that sweatheart as PDF only. You're welcome to send a pound or two to our Paypal-account in case you find it useful. Please click on the picture below to start the Download of the Beta-version.

01/09/2013 New wave of products about to hit the shop

Several things got finalised and were made available in the product listing, others are about to and here's the list. Available are the Musketier variants and the infantry ammunition cart. About to hit the molds are the limited post-coach, Grenadiers and a Grenadier Command. Very shortly after the 4Pdr fast firing gun incl. the protze and a set of horses together with a crew of 4 and 1 Traineur. The 6pdr, 8pdr and 12 Pdr and their related Protzen are ready as well and we're mostly waiting for Crews and horses. Oh and the Large French Ponton System is with Paul over at Blitzkrieg miniatures, This is going to be intense fun as is the now planned Church of Grossbeeren that'll come with a set of neat graves to have a Saxo-Prussian Wurst-brawl over. Ja. Also the Sappeur with the fat belly and the warhammer really won't change from here for he's just too glorious. :--)

1808/07/2013 Saxon guns about to be ready

Real life work keeps the Westfalians very busy lately. But Niels has still found time to organize the production of Gun-barrels and 'real' Saxon wheels. I too expect the next Saxon shots any day now.

18/04/2013 New wave of products!

There's 10 new shop-items coming during may, amongst them the sled-gun, Cantiniere, Barrell-cart with walking Traineur, the massive crane with workers, and a versatile French command-set that can be used for a great many arms but especially for French Train. May will also see the release of Saxon Grenadiers and Musketier-variations. Niels is likely going to hit the Saxon artillery too.

The move to Canada is coming along as well, and I am planning to stay at least several months. Niels will handle the orders in the mean-time but it'll take at least 2-3 more weeks until the business is back to normal as we need several moulds and we need to stock the new codes.

Thank you for your patience,

The Westfalia Mafia

18/03/2013 Westfalia time out in the first half of April

Part of the team is moving about 7000 miles to the west. This bold move won't have far reaching effects on our costumers, but we really take 2 weeks off to get everything sorted. Parcels to mainland Europe will be shipped by our own Niels (he really does live in Westphalia) to ensure bearable P&P. Everything else including all the communication will be sorted by Andy and moi as usual.

The first batch of Saxons has arrived too and I just love them bits.

04/03/2013 Westfalia welcomes Frank Germershaus

Frank is a reknowned sculptor from the realms of 20mm and he recently made the step over into the realms of 28mm. His style is clean and poses and detail are as historical accurate as one can wish. His miniatures are very compatible with especially the Perry-range of miniatures abd we're happy to have some miniatures made by him once in a while. Please visit our work-bench for further impressions of his first task for us.

03/03/2013 Web-site updates

We recently crossed the '10 shop-items line' which is not only an achievement to celebreate, but a good reason to refurbish the shop. We now have a fancy bar of little flags that allows you to browse our products be country. Some countries will still have 1 code only for quite a while, but we felt that this change might make sense now that the Saxons are appearing in force (to capture Berlin!).

Also please don't be shocked if you get around to visit the work-bench, Niels was just having too much Coffee and things were really 'floating' for him it seems.

No mortal can describe my amazement when this pic was landing in my Email-box.

22/02/2013 a lot happened

First off all sorry for the lack of updates, especially since there's a lot of interesting things to tell about. The Genie-cart has arrived and can now be ordered. It comes with 3 more mineurs which are home-edits and therefor just 75pence each, a wheel-barrow and a mass of tools and some replacement heads. The French Utility cart master has been finished. It comes with several nice boxes and a mobile field forge. Same goes for the Prussian barrell-wagon master. Eventho we're planning to have the barrel made of Resin. And last but not least there's Saxonsleaving Pauls Workbench to see a first release in hopefully about 2 weeks.

Please enjoy the images:

28/01/2013 The arrival

The sledge, the Prussian ambulance and the Peasants with hurt lad are now with us. Pre-orders are packed at the very moment. Michael bartling also wrote some fancy text about the research of the Prussian ambulance. That you can download HERE. Please don't mind the many typos - We were having a hard time translating it but really thought it would be interesting enough to share.

16/01/2013 Rear Echelon Stampede

Niels is a Roofer and unable to work in the current bad weather. That in return lead to some spike of hobby-activity. We now have a Crane, a Prussian Baggage-Wagon and a a Prussian water-cart on the work-bench. Note that the shown Fass-Wagen is an early attempt in 1/72 that dates back to 2007.

10/01/2013 work on the home-page

We're again using our stone-age HTML to update the web-site. Work should be done within the next few days.

01/01/2013 Retreat from Quebec et bon 2013 to our friends and costumers!

Andreanne has safely returned from Quebec and we were drowing 2013 in love and dark beer. We're also preparing a news-letter for our costumers. Likely a PDF as Email's get screwed by most clients. Make sure to check your junk-folders for mails from sales@westfaliaminiatures.com the next few days. :-)

28/12/2012 French Genie Tool cart

The Sleigh is ready and now we have a finalized French Genie tool-cart! We still need to sort the horse-issue before we add any off them to the shop tough.

12/12/2012 Wheelbarrow with peasants and Frenchman after leopold Beyer

Wonderful set from Niels and Paul - again one for the Rear Echelon Experts.

12/12/2012 Westfalia Plates

We're preparing plates to accompany our releases and to help you with painting them up! Please visit the new section in the Navigation on the left side.

11/12/2012 Flags

We're planning to join forces with Iain from Flags of War.

27/12/2012 Meister Rullkoetters flinke Finger

Coming along I'd say!

24/11/2012 The challenge

Some of you might remember us announcing our own "retreat from Moscow"-range a while ago. Well the Perrys were faster and released their own sets which are plain beautiful. We at Westfalia have decided to change our release-schedule and push the rank and file back and release the center-piece of this range as fast as possible.

Russian slide with Poles and Frenchmen defending themselfs. The picture was taken in a russian Museum. The ever so busy Mr. Michael Bartling is already digging deep to provide Niels Rullkoetter with primary sources that allow us to build a historical accurate model.

20/11/2012 Wheel-barrows in the making.

Paul is currently sculpting the miniatures to go along with the Wheel-barrow-ambulance-sort off thing. Check out our workbench to have a sneak-peak at the model.

01/11/2012 Hannoversche Jaeger released

Our biggest set so far covers one of the smallest units of the Napoleonic wars. 400 Foresters and Huntmen all armed with rifles and determined to win Hannover back for their nobility and the Crown of England.
14/10/2012 The ultimate French ammunition caisson is here.

The Modell came back from the Griffins - casted to the highest standarts. I can't recommend this piece enough.